Holy Rosary Bazaar – Kermes de Holy Rosary

Join us for the 2011 Holy Rosary Bazaar Sunday August 28 beginning with Pancake Breakfast for $5 from 8 am til noon. Ethnic food will be available from 12:00 pm, including potica, pizzelles, apple strudel, Slovenian sausage, tacos, gorditas, enchiladas, snow cones and cotton candy. Entertainment begins with Krakowiacy dancers (from St. Joseph’s Polish Church), Tom Allan’s Variety Music, Matachines, Grupo Super Suave, Los Prisioneros de Chihuahua, Grupo Veneno and Juan Jose Cruz “El Chepo.”  There will be pony rides, an air castle, face painting and games for the children and tours of the historic church from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Support your parish, meet your neighbors and enjoy this parish activity.

Kermes de Holy Rosary Domingo 28 de Agosto de 8 am a 8 pm. Desayuno de pancakes hasta el mediodía $5. Variedad de platillos de comida étnica, incluyendo tacos, enchiladas, gorditas, potica, pizzelles, strudel de manzana, Slovenian sausage, raspados, algodónes de azúcar.
Bailarines Krakowiacy, Tom Allan Grengs danda de polka, Grupo Super Suave,  Los Prisioneros de Chihuahua, Grupo Veneno y Juan Jose Cruz “El Chepo.”
para los niños, pintura de la cara, brinca-brinca, paseos en pony.
Visitas a la Histórica Iglesia, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm.

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