August 28 – 28 de agosto del 2013

Congratulations to all those who worked in the heat for our yard sale! We made $1,593.40 at the Yard Sale and some additional funds from the Pancake Breakfast.
Holy Rosary Bazaar! Many volunteers have been working very hard to put together events for our parish bazaar. We have the stage, refrigeration trailer and ice maker, a roll off dumpster, tents, sound system, DJ & MC, 24 volunteer T-shirts, 10 music bands, 1 horse show, 2 face painting clowns, 1 balloon animal making clown, 1 entertaining clown, 2 dance shows, and 1 violin group confirmed at no cost.
Volunteers and Donations: Preparations for the Bazaar have begun and we need volunteers and donations. Please see the list at the entrance of the church and sign up with anything, or any amount of time you are able to donate. We need ticket sellers, folks to help run the children’s games, people to gather trash throughout the day – sign up for an hour or so. It really helps the parish. Thank you.
Tickets for Bazaar: If you would like to support our Bazaar please purchase tickets in advance this and next Sunday after the 10 am mass. Thank you for your continued support.
New Mass times: Beginning Sunday, September 8, our Sunday Mass times will change. There will be one English Mass at 9:00 am. Spanish Masses will be at 10:30 am and 12:00 pm. Spread the word!

Voluntarios y Donaciones: Ya comenzamos los preparativos para la Kermés y necesitamos voluntarios y donaciones. Por favor vean la lista en la entrada de la iglesia para apuntarse con lo que nos puedan ayudar. Gracias.
Boletos para la Kermes: Los invitamos a ir comprando sus boletos para el Bazaar por adelantado, vaya comprando $1, $5, o mas y así puede disfrutar con toda su familia sin tener que hacer fila para comprar boletos ese día. Estaremos vendiendo boletos antes y después de misa en la entrada de la iglesia. Gracias por su apoyo.
Cambio de horario de Misas: Hermanitos se les informa que a partir del 8 de septiembre el horario de las Misas en Domingo cambiara. La Misa en Ingles será a las 9:00 am y las Misas en Español serán a ;a 10:30 am y 12:00 pm.

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