October 11 – 11 de octubre 2020

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Holy Rosary •  4688 Pearl Street  •   Denver, CO 80216  • 303-297-1962
Office Hours: Tuesday through Friday
9:00 am and 3:00 pm, Closed 12:00 – 12:30 for lunch
Phone 303-297-1962.   email: info@holyrosarydenver.org
For sacramental emergencies: 720-580-1516
Sunday Mass times:
8:00 am English, 9:30 am and 11:00 am Spanish
Mass in Spanish Tuesday through Thursday at 9:00 am
and in English each Friday and First Saturday at 9:00 am

Members of a fraternal lodge celebrate the dedication of Holy Rosary in 1920

Update: Holy Rosary Centennial.
The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for Holy Rosary’s Centennial will be celebrated by Archbishop Aquila on Sunday, October 25th at 10:00 am. It will be a bilingual Mass.
We will be limited in our seating capacity for the Mass. The only equitable manner to resolve who gets to physically attend the Mass will be decided by lot. All others will have to watch a livestream of the Mass.To have a chance of attending the Mass in person, you must attend Mass on either Sunday, October 4 or Sunday, October 11 and place your name and the number of persons in your family who would like to attend on a card available at the entrance to the church. These will be placed in a basket and names will be drawn and published in the October 18 bulletin.
Only those whose names are published in the bulletin will be allowed to physically attend the Mass on October 25th.

Prayer Group: Meets Mondays at 7:00 p.m. in the Church
Nocturnal Adoration: Meets every 2nd Saturday of each month
in the church for Mass and overnight adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
Cursillos: Couples meet in the school at 7:00 p.m. every Thursday

Mass intentions for the week of Sunday, October 11
Sunday, October 11
8:00 a.m.:     Repose of the soul of + Mary Jane Hohnstein
9:30 a.m.:     Parishioners of Holy Rosary
11:00 a.m.:   Jaime Granillo
Tuesday, October 13
9:00 a.m.:     Javier Calzada Rosado 
(Mass Intention to be offered privately)
Wednesday, October 14 
9 :00 a.m.:    Repose of the souls of +Nicolas B. and Celia García
(Mass intention to be offered privately)
Thursday, October 15
9:00 a.m.:    Repose of the soul of +Ana Margarita Cabañas
(Mass intention to be offered privately)
Friday, October 16
9:00 a.m.:     Repose of the souls of +Nicolas B. and Celia García
(Mass intention to be offered privately)

“But do not ignore this one fact, beloved,
that one day with the Lord is like a thousand years
and a thousand years like one day.” 2 Peter 3:8

My Beloved flock,
Holy Rosary’s history is but just one tenth-of the time Peter writes above. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass upon the centenary anniversary of our beloved parish will be celebrated by Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila on October 25, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. This is indeed a joyful and solemn occasion especially for all the families with ties to Holy Rosary throughout the last one-hundred years. Our parish has a very place in our hearts.Holy Rosary’s Globeville neighborhood of Denver a century ago was home to Croats, Southern Slavs, Poles, and Slovenes—mostly Roman Catholics. Because of their fervent love of God and our blessed Mother Mary, and through their many sacrifices, they were the prayerful force behind the establishment of this most beautiful church under the title of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary. The history and rapidity behind the establishment of Holy Rosary as a parish as the first World War was ending in Europe is a testament to their love of Our Lord Jesus Christ—it is truly amazing. The creation of Holy Rosary as a parish began in February 1918; groundbreaking was on May 27, 1919; the laying and blessing of the cornerstone took place on August 17, 1919; its completion on February 20, 1920 with its dedication on July 4 that year. Since its establishment one hundred years ago, Holy Rosary has undergone additional cultural changes. As Holy Rosary’s Eastern European ancestry became acculturated into American life, other Roman Catholics have added to the beauty and richness of parish life, most recently our Hispanic community. Holy Rosary continues to be a beacon of hope to all nationalities, to all people of faith. It will continue to do so in the future. “Leading souls to Jesus through Mary” is our mission. It is the Eucharist, the Body of Christ, that unites us! Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI reminds us: “…precisely because it is Christ who, in Eucharistic communion, transforms us into Him, our individuality, in this encounter, is opened up, freed from its self-centeredness and placed in the Person of Jesus, who in turn is immersed in the Trinitarian communion. Thus, while the Eucharist unites us to Christ, we open ourselves to others making us members one of another: we are no longer divided, but one thing in Him. Eucharistic communion unites me to the person next to me, and with whom I might not even have a good relationship, but also to my brothers and sisters who are far away, in every corner of the world. Thus the deep sense of social presence of the Church is derived from the Eucharist, as evidenced by the great social saints, who have always been great Eucharistic souls. Those who recognize Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, recognize their brother who suffers, who is hungry and thirsty, who is a stranger, naked, sick, imprisoned, and they are attentive to every person, committing themselves, in a concrete way, to those who are in need. So from the gift of Christ’s love comes our special responsibility as Christians in building a cohesive, just and fraternal society.” May you and yours have a most blessed 100th Anniversary celebration of the founding of Holy Rosary Catholic Church.


Holy Rosary •  4688 Pearl Street  •   Denver, CO 80216  • 303-297-1962
Horario de oficina:
La oficina estará abierta
de 9:00 am a 3:00 pm martes a viernes.
Cerrado 12:00 pm – 12:30 pm para el almunerzo.
Laoficina estará cerrada los lunes.
Teléfono 303-297-1962,
correo electrónico: 
Para emergencias sacramentales llamen al 720-580-1516
De martes a jueves, la misa de las 9:00 am se celebrará en español
y los viernes y las misas del primer viernes y sábado seran celebrado en inglés.
Horaria de Misa
Domingo: 8:00 am English
Domingo: 9:30 am and 11:00 am Español

Dedication of cornerstone 1919

Centenario del Santo Rosario.
El Santo Sacrificio de la Misa por el Centenario del Santo Rosario será celebrado por el Arzobispo Aquila el domingo 25 de octubre a las 10:00 am. Será una Misa bilingüe. Estaremos limitados al 25% de nuestra capacidad de asientos para la Misa. La única manera equitativa de resolver quién puede asistir físicamente a la Misa se decidirá por sorteo. Todos los demás tendrán que ver una transmisión en vivo de la misa.Para tener la oportunidad de asistir a la misa en persona, debe asistir a la misa el domingo 4 de octubre o el domingo 11 de octubre y colocar su nombre y el número de personas de su familia que deseen asistir en una tarjeta disponible en la entrada. a la Iglesia. Estos se colocarán en una canasta y los nombres se sortearán y publicarán en el boletín del 18 de octubre. Solo aquellos cuyos nombres se publiquen en el boletín podrán asistir físicamente a la Misa el 25 de octubre.

Grupo de Oracion: Lunes a las 7:00 p.m. en la iglesia
Adoracion Nocturna: Segundo sabado de cada mes a las 7:00 p.m.
en la iglesia y adoracion durante la noche
Cursillos: Parejas se reunen cada jueves en la escuela parroquial at las 7:00 p.m.

Intenciones de misa para la semana del 11 de octubre
Domingo, 11 de octubre
8:00 a.m.: Reposo del alma de + Mary Jane Hohnstein
9:30 a.m.: Feligreses del Santo Rosario
11:00 a.m.: Jaime Granillo
Martes, 13 de octubre
9:00 a.m.: Javier Calzada Rosado
(Intención masiva que se ofrecerá de forma privada)
Miercoles, 14 de octubre
9 :00 a.m.: Reposo del alma de +Nicolas B. and Celia García
(Intención masiva que se ofrecerá de forma privada)
Jueves, 15 de octubre
9:00 a.m.: Reposo del alma de +Ana Margarita Cabañas
(Intención masiva que se ofrecerá de forma privada)
Viernes, 16 de octubre
9:00 a.m.: Reposo del alma de +Nicolas B. and Celia García
(Intención masiva que se ofrecerá de forma privada)

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